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Class Inclusion. 
This class is specifically for people with a Neurological Condition. By joining you are agreeing to abide by the following rules. All activities are undertaken at your own risk. While no injuries are expected Nortle is not responsible or liable for any injuries sustained.   

This class is suitable for anyone with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of FND or Functional seizures. Some exercises will be available for seated and standing positions. Variations in exercises will be offered where possible. To make the most of the class you need have the ability to stand and take a few steps with or without equipment. If this isn't available for you that's ok, just join in where you can.

You need to be over 16 years of age. Have no alcohol or substance misuse and have access to a computer with video calling. 
Class Rules. 
 No recording or photography- Please do not record the session or take any photos. Any recording or photos will be completed by the host only, with group agreement.    Confidentiality - Please do not share any personal information about others you learn during the class.   Respect - Please always respect the other members and host.     Screens - Please feel free to have your screens on or off, whatever makes you comfortable.    Symptoms - If you experience any symptoms during the class, please make any changes you need to accommodate these. 

FND fitness - Free online class specially for FND FrieNDs.

Tuesdays 10.30

45 minute class delivered by specialist FND therapist.

Suitable for anyone with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of FND or Functional seizures.

Join us to get your body moving, build stamina, balance and core strength.

Neurological specific exercises mixed with elements of yoga and Pilates.

30 spaces free per week.

 "It was good that it was slowed down and I could take it at my own pace as I often lose feeling in my legs especially after seizures. It was friendly and you felt welcome". 

FND exercise class participant
FND Seizures

 "It was great, a nice pace. Ruth explained things and made us feel at ease. Lovely to see fellow sufferers and be part of a group. I like the idea that we are waking up the nervous system gently and letting it know it is ok to do gentle exercises. I am not very good at doing this on my own. I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful and lovely to incorporate relaxation. .. Thank you Ruth you were amazing." 

FND exercise class participant
FND movement difficulties

 "This was so helpful. I loved being reminded of why the mechanisms of the exercises are feared/broken down in FND and the gentle nudges to try anyway." 

FND exercise class participant