FND Friends

FND Charity Southwest

FND FrieNDs is a patient and carers support group for those living with the diagnosis of FND in the South West of England. The groups meet regularly in a pre-arranged venue to meet others with the same diagnosis. This helps to reduce feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding and isolation that are often associated with this particular diagnosis.


Dr Amber Johnson

Clinical Neurological Psychologist

Dr Amber Johnston specialises in clinical, health, pain management, and neuropsychology. She works with those suffering from a wide array of challenges, including those with only mild stress looking to explore themselves and build healthier emotional tools, to those with more significant clinical diagnoses needing more formal treatment. She additionally works with individuals who are suffering from pain, those requiring cognitive assessment or emotional support following a neurological injury or stroke, those with complex chronic medical conditions and those with medically unexplained symptoms/FND, including health anxiety.