Stroke can be a life changing condition. We are here to help. Specialist Stroke services in North Devon, assessment and rehabilitation.

How we can help

Our Stroke specialist services include assessment and rehabilitation for difficulties with:

  • Movement 
  • Thinking/ memory  
  • Mood 
  • Everyday activities 
  • Sensation  
  • Fatigue 
  • Living with Stroke skills 
  • Driving reviews 
  • Equipment 
  • Return to work
  • Stroke prevention 

Specialist Stroke Programmes

Arm Recovery/ Upper Limb.
70% of Stroke survivors have ongoing difficulty with their arm. Our upper limb programmes are here to help you maximise your recovery, using the latest evidenced based practice including: 

  • Constraint Induced movement therapy 
  • Repetitive task training 
  • Learnt non-use education 
  • Therapeutic technology and apps 
  • Sensory rehabilitation 
  • Strength conditioning 
  • Mirror box 
  • Mental imaging 
  • Positioning advice 
  • Oedema management 
  • Pain management 

Intensive arm recovery programme. 

Our virtual Stroke arm recovery programme has been designed based on the evidence to provide you with this intensive group opportunity. You will be provided with 4 weeks worth of exercises that draw on all elements of the evidenced techniques. You will be monitored throughout and have the chance to meet others completing the same challenge. It's not easy but it is worth it!

Life after Stroke programme.

Stroke can be a life changing condition. Our virtual group can help you learn how to live with Stroke and meet other Stroke survivors. Sessions include information on driving, dealing with emotions, holidays, memory difficulties and more. 

Technology that can help

Technology has been evidenced to help people achieve the intensity of practice required to make changes after a Stroke.
Some useful recommendations include - 

App -  Reps Recovery

App - Dexteria 

Assisted technology -  Saebo Glove UK

Assisted Technology- GripAble 

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