Whether it’s paid work, voluntary or furthering your education, we understand the importance of being able to contribute and make a difference. Work is so much more than just earning money. We know that this can be a challenge with a health condition.

"work is life, you know. Without it, there's nothing but fear and insecurity" 

(John Lennon, 1971)

Our clinical experts can guide you through the process of staying in or returning to the work force with a health condition. As part of the Southwest Peninsula Vocational Rehabilitation network we are up to date with the latest recommended guidelines. 

How we can help

Services for adults and younger people include: 

  • Work place assessments 
  • Phased return to work plans 
  • Fatigue management
  • Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation 
  • Physical assessment and rehabilitation 
  • Working with employers/ schools around “reasonable adjustments”
  • Knowledge of work place and health laws 
  • Support to return to the work force
  • Fit note provision 

Useful Links

Access to work

North Devon Voluntary Service 

Maximumus - back to work employment programmes, government funded

Acas - Free legal advice on work placed law  

Gov.uk - Reasonable adjustment advice  

Working While Claiming Employment and Support (jobcentreguide.org) 

Fit note - usage and guidance