Conditions Covered

Services for adults or young people with Neurological conditions or symptoms. Including  ​ Stroke Brain Injury  Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  Parkinson's Disease(PD) Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) Fibromyalgia Undiagnosed Neurological Symptoms  ​ Any other Neurological Conditions  

Treatments Available

As every person is an individual you can expect a detailed person centred assessment, treatment plan and regular reviews. We are here for all your Neurological Needs.  ​ Physical Rehabilitation  Cognitive Rehabilitation  Sleep/ Fatigue management  Balance Rehabilitation  Stroke Arm Rehabilitation  ​ Neurological Assessment  Cognitive Assessment  Equipment Assessment  ​ PIP and DWP application support Return to work support FND staying well seizure plans  ​ FND Tutorials Fitness classes   Life after Stroke education 

Service Options

Face to face appointments available within the comfort of your home for North Devon, UK.  ​ Video and Telephone sessions.  ​ Daytime and evening appointments available.  ​ Individual or group.  ​ Block bookings and pay as you go options. Adjusted rates available for low income homes.