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Conditions Covered

Services for adults or young people with Neurological conditions or symptoms. Including  ​ Stroke Brain Injury  Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  Parkinson's Disease(PD) Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) Fibromyalgia Undiagnosed Neurological Symptoms  ​ Any other Neurological Conditions  

Treatments Available

As every person is an individual you can expect a detailed person centred assessment, treatment plan and regular reviews. We are here for all your Neurological Needs.  ​ Physical Rehabilitation  Cognitive Rehabilitation  Sleep/ Fatigue management  Balance Rehabilitation  Stroke Arm Rehabilitation  ​ Neurological Assessment  Cognitive Assessment  Equipment Assessment  ​ PIP and DWP application support Return to work support FND staying well seizure plans  ​ FND Tutorials Digitally Downloadable tools Fitness classes   Life after Stroke education 

Service Options

Face to face appointments available within the comfort of your home for North Devon, UK.  ​ Video and Telephone sessions.  ​ Daytime and evening appointments available.  ​ Individual or group.  ​ Block bookings and pay as you go options. Adjusted rates available for low income homes. 

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FND Specialist Services

We know that a diagnosis or symptoms of FND can be confusing and scary, leaving you to feel isolated. We can help. Our therapists are experienced in helping people (adults and younger people) with FND, through the diagnosis and treatment stages. We also work with a group of Expert peer advisors, people living with FND. This means our tailored services are designed to be useful and realistic, helping you start your recovery journey.

How we can help

Specialist assessment and rehabilitation for difficulties with: 

  • Movement 
  • Thinking/ memory  
  • Mood 
  • Everyday activities 
  • Sensation  
  • Fatigue 
  • Driving reviews 
  • Equipment 
  • Return to work

Bespoke personalised services face to face or online. 

  • Assessment 
  • Testing for positive signs of FND 
  • Physical rehabilitation 
  • Accessing automatic pathways 
  • Understanding FND 
  • Tremor management 
  • Grounding techniques 
  • Return to work support 
  • PIP and DWP application support 
  • FND staying well seizure plans 
  • Downloadable digital resources

FND Resources 

We also offer a range of online tutorials including our digital downloads, FND education group and FND tool kit sessions and our FND Fitness class. 

Check out our free FND fatigue tutorial taster - for an idea of our tutorials. 

FND Fitness

What is FND?

Functional Neurological Disorders or FND is a common Neurological condition where the brain has difficulty communicating with the body. This can result in difficulty walking, limb weakness, uncontrollable shaking, seizures, loss of speech and much more. FND is a genuine and treatable condition. The disruption to the brains messages is caused by a "software, not hardware" problem. This is no injury to the brain but the brain can not reliably send the correct messages. This is not something the person has any control of and can affect people in a variety of ways. Diagnosis should be made by a Neurologist.


Useful Links 

Movement self help videos 

Roles of the FND MDT videos

nortle - FND videos you tube

Technology that can help

There is a variety of useful tools and technology that can sometimes help. Here are some recommendations to help you learn more about or manage your health. 

Apps - FND from Neurosymptoms  - myFND - Calm - Headspace

Reminders and alarms on phones can help with brain fog. 

Recording your symptoms via video can help with the diagnostic process.

You are not alone 

50-100,000 people in the UK are estimated to be living with FND. There are now many support groups online and in person where you can meet other people living with this condition. Some good examples include FND Friends and  FND Hope UK

 Can't recommend enough. "I cant recommend the course highly enough and would advise anyone ... to take part in this course" 

Online Tutorial participant.
Neurological Rehabilitation

 Feedback following assessment "Thank you, you made me feel very comfortable and positive about the way forward" 

Neurology patient
Occupational Therapy Assessment

 Group sessions worked "Thank you so much. I have wanted something like this for a while and it was just sooooo good! ... I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fact that it could be adapted to our needs .. no shame and it felt safe .. and that it was online from home. Please do it again!" 

FND exercise class participant
Group rehab
FND tool kit

FND tool kit

Living with FND is a challenge but we can help. Our virtual group programme can teach you ways to help reduce symptoms and manage your condition.  5 one hour sessions include: Accessing automatic movement, Mood Management techniques,   Pacing and fatigue management, Equipment advice,  Return to work advice, Dealing with cognitive overload and More.

FND Fitness

FND Fitness

FND fitness - Free online class specially for FND FrieNDs. Tuesdays 10.30 45 minute class delivered by specialist FND therapist. Suitable for anyone with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of FND or Functional seizures. To get the most of the class it is recommended you can take a few steps. Join us to get your body moving, build stamina, balance and core strength. Neurological specific exercises mixed with elements of yoga and Pilates. 30 spaces free per week.

FND education group

FND education group

Functional Neurological Disorders are difficult to understand at times. This virtual group education programme is aimed at helping you understand the condition.  Over 3 one hour sessions we will try and help you and your loved ones understand what FND is, how it is diagnosed and treated and how you can get help.  ​Become an expert in your condition. 

Life after Stroke education

Life after Stroke education

Stroke can be a life changing condition. Our virtual group can help you learn how to live with Stroke and meet other Stroke survivors. Sessions include information on driving, dealing with emotions, holidays, memory difficulties and more. 

Stroke intensive upper limb group

Stroke intensive upper limb group

70% if Stroke survivors have upper limb weakness. Evidence shows that intensive rehabilitation can reduce the impact. Our virtual programme has been designed based on the evidence to provide you with this intensive opportunity in a self directed way.  You will be provided with a bespoke exercise plan covering 4 weeks worth of exercises that draw on all elements of the evidenced techniques.  ​You will be monitored throughout and have the chance to meet others completing the same challenge. Its not easy but its worth it!

Collaborative caring.

Our team consist of a collaboration between Allied Health Professions including Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists and Expert peer advisors. These are real people living with these neurological conditions.Our experienced health professionals put your rehabilitation first and help you understand the most effective ways to care of your body. We are proud to provide a high-quality level of service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to you.

Our goal is to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We know that many rehabilitation services are now limited on the NHS but you still need them. We can provide you with skills and knowledge to start to be able to help yourself.

With over 20 years experience, we will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you.

 All our Health Professions Council Registered. Our team also all work part time for the NHS.
Our founder, Ruth Siewruk, is an Occupational Therapist (OT) who has been qualified and working for the NHS for over 20 years. She still provides NHS Neurological Rehabilitation in outpatients, for North Devon.

She founded the company to give people the opportunity to continue their rehabilitation outside of what the NHS can offer.

Ruth co-ordinates the FND MDT for North Devon and is part of the Peninsula Southwest groups for FND, Stroke and Vocational Rehabilitation. She has completed masters modules in Neurological Rehabilitation and is a current, Plymouth University Research Fellow.
Her work includes the NHS peer recognised High Five Stroke Upper limb trial and the award winning Mytherappy Service.

Personally, Ruth is a wife and mum to 2 small children. Raising her family is her most important work. After travelling the world Ruth has settled in North Devon to be near the beautiful beaches. She loves to be active and enjoys rock climbing and walks with her spaniel. 

FND Friends

FND Charity Southwest

FND FrieNDs is a patient and carers support group for those living with the diagnosis of FND in the South West of England. The groups meet regularly in a pre-arranged venue to meet others with the same diagnosis. This helps to reduce feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding and isolation that are often associated with this particular diagnosis.

Dr Amber Johnson

Clinical Neurological Psychologist

Dr Amber Johnston specialises in clinical, health, pain management, and neuropsychology. She works with those suffering from a wide array of challenges, including those with only mild stress looking to explore themselves and build healthier emotional tools, to those with more significant clinical diagnoses needing more formal treatment. She additionally works with individuals who are suffering from pain, those requiring cognitive assessment or emotional support following a neurological injury or stroke, those with complex chronic medical conditions and those with medically unexplained symptoms/FND, including health anxiety.