Thank you for your interest in one of nortles online classes for FND.

These classes are designed for people who have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of FND or functional movement disorder or non epileptic seizures. You must be over 16 and have no alcohol or substance issues. You will need access to a computer and web camera for video rehab.

FND ToolKit - 6 sessions and a follow up workbook exploring common FND symptoms and techniques for managing FND. You will come away with a basic understanding of different techniques for managing difficulties.
Topics covered- fatigue, pain, sleep, return to work, thinking difficulties and everyday activities.

Next Dates -
Fatigue 30th April 12.00
Thinking 7th May 12.00
Sleep 14th May 12.00
Pain 21st May 12.00
Work 4th June 12.00
Everyday Activities 11th June 12.00

What previous participants have said

5/5 "Has helped me understand the difficulties that I experience which I found very reassuring and has made me feel less embarrassed about having these difficulties in public"
5/5"Exceptionally useful explanations and effectively communicated- facilitator easy to listen to, steady in approach conveying information, supported with easily viewed presentation. Much enjoyed. Thank you!"
5/5 "Very interesting and informative. Learned a lot about the different types of pain and some pain management techniques which I will be trying to implement as soon as possible. Useful resources." 

Movement masterclass - (coming soon) 4 sessions and workbook exploring basic movement analysis and education to enable movement changes. You will come away with a basic understanding of how FND can affect movement, correct movement techniques and common FND strategies for movement rehabilitation.
Topics covered - Movement analysis, FND rehab techniques, Balance, movement maintenance.

Please note that to get the most out of the movement masterclass you need to be able to mobilise 5 steps, stand and sit to stand with or without aid.


Course Rules -  

This course is specifically for people with a Neurological Condition. By joining you are agreeing to abide by the following rules. All activities are undertaken at your own risk. While no injuries are expected Nortle is not responsible or liable for any injuries sustained.    No recording or photography- Please do not record the session or take any photos of people present. You may take photos of power points. Any recording or photos will be completed by the host only, with group agreement.   Confidentiality - Please do not share any personal information about others you learn during the class.  Respect - Please always respect the other members and host.    Screens - Please feel free to have your screens on or off, whatever makes you comfortable.   Symptoms - If you experience any symptoms during the class, please make any changes you need to accommodate these.