Do you have FND and difficulty sleeping? Come and discover why sleep difficulties and FND go hand in hand, together with why sleep is your superpower. Plus learn practical ways to improve your sleep. Join us for a one hour (approx) group tutorial. A workbook with all resources will also provided. The tutorial will cover: Different types of sleep Why sleep matters? How much sleep should I get? Discussion of how lack of sleep impacts FND symptoms. What is sleep hygiene? Recommended techniques for improved sleep. Next available date: Sleep 14th May 1.30 pm Previous participants feedback: "Exceptionally useful explanations and effectively communicated- facilitator easy to listen to, steady in approach conveying information, supported with easily viewed presentation. Much enjoyed. Thank you!" 5/5 "Although I had some awareness of the importance of sleep and good sleep hygiene. I learned far more from this session than I expected. I gained a far better understanding of the importance of sleep . I would definitely recommend this session to anyone who has issues with sleep." 5/5


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